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The Top 10 Photography Galleries In LA

Daren DeFrank
Updated: 19 May 2016

Photography as an art form is a relatively new medium. Though there is some evidence of earlier attempts, photography didn’t really come into focus until the 1800s by creating durable images with light and film. Photography has the unique ability to suspend a moment instantly. Subsequently it can then transform viewers back to the time and place the photo was shot. It also allows the viewer to experience what the artist was seeing through his or her eyes. The lens grants artists the power to create their own vision in hard copy. With the ability to capture the entire world, there’s a lot of photography to see. Here are the ten best photo galleries in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is located in the area known as gallery row. The center focuses on digital art in the contemporary area. Dedicated to spreading photography, new media, video, and interactive media, the center encapsulates the forward-thinking blend of using science to create art. This hybrid is the basis of photography itself. The center has an ongoing array of exhibits in the gallery and is known to include international works. However the space is also dedicated to supporting the local community art scene by giving exposure to Los Angeles area artists. Outside of the LACDA space, they are involved with curating digital exhibits at institutions and festivals.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, 104 East Fourth Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA +1 213 629 1102