Director’s Choice
Curated by Vernita Nemec

September 27- October 15, 2016
opening reception Thursday, September 29, 6-8pm

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present ” Director’s Choice: From Virtual To Actual 5″, art from the powerpoint presentation of our 26th International Juried Competition. Curated by Vernita Nemec, this exhibit brings the actual art of that virtual presentation to the gallery walls. The exhibit continues from   September 27- October 15, 2016 with an opening reception Thursday, September 29, 6-8PM.

Viridian asks both the gallery director and the museum curator to act as jurors, showing the director’s choices virtually in a power point presentation during the Juried Exhibition of the museum curator’s choices. Although these artists were not “winners” of Viridian’s 26th International Juried Competition, their art is uniquely interesting. Viridian’s Director’s Choice Exhibitions arise from one of Viridian’s primary missions: to provide meaningful exposure to under-known artists of all ages whose art merits wider attention.

Despite the popularity of the web and the fact that we are becoming more adept at looking at art on the web, seeing art in reality offers the viewer a much richer experience, hence the title “From Virtual to Actual”. All the artists in this exhibition have a personal obsession that serves as a starting point in their search for ways in which to transform inner visions into reality. Transforming these inner realities into art becomes a translation of the “virtual into the actual”.

As we all know, professional opinions vary widely regarding what is the “best” art, for in the end it is a question of taste, even in the eye of the professional. Each of the artists in this diverse exhibition has her or his personal obsession that serves as the starting point of the search to transform inner concerns into an outer reality through their art. The results of transforming these realities into art, remains open to each viewer’s interpretation and becomes yet another translation of the “virtual into the actual”.

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 6 p.m.

For further information please contact Vernita Nemec, Gallery Director

Alan Richards * Larry Zdeb * Lynne Johnson * Emmanuel Monzon *  Paula Swisher * Marcia Lloyd * Marilyn Richeda * Jan Brandt * Alex Sewell * Margery Appelbaum *Max Tzinman * Jim Jacobs * Christopher Ruane * Ashley Shellhause * Linda Jacobs * Robert Augstell *Paxton Maroney * Chris Vanden Broeke