Here’s are just a few of the fantastic emerging photographers whose work we’ve had the honour of sharing over the last year.

From top left to bottom right: Sandra Mehl, Yasmin Mund (@yasmin_mund), Estiaan (@adriaanlab), Andy N Smith (@andys_eyes), Colin Kopp (@imakopp), Emmanuel Monzon (@emmanuelmonzonphotography), Gustavo Minas (@gustavominas), Alesia Gudkova (@4tness) and Dagmar van Weeghel (@dvanweeghel).

Life Framer has become a world-renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography. It is an independent community and photography competition of artistic integrity that promotes and champions creative culture on and offline.

Past editions of the award were a celebration of creativity and ambition. We supported artists from over 35 countries to present their work through exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and Switzerland, and numerous print and online outlets like GUP, F-Stop, Photography Monthly and Urbanautica.

Judging Panel:

We collaborated with world class photographers from diverse backgrounds and with defiant originality. Naming a few:  Aaron Huey, Robin Schwartz, Matt Eich, Simon Roberts, Stacy Kranitz, Phil Anderson, Alex Fradkin, Brian Finke, Peter Dench, Stefano De Luigi, Chris Buck, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Olivia Bee, Steve Bisson, Vincent Fournier, Gerardo Montiel Klint and more.

The Life Framer Annual

The Life Framer Annual is a collection of the stunning contemporary work of our winning photographers. As a collection they explore ‘Life’ from a wealth of varied and diverse perspectives. The books also feature additional images from 100 shortlisted photographers bringing even more stories, views, emotions and insights from all over the world.


Our exhibitions are at the heart of the award, showcasing the work of our entrants in exciting and dynamic environments, to the audience they deserve. With our past editions, stunning contemporary images from winning photographers and a hand-picked selection of honorary mentions were exhibited. The display inter-weaved distinct stories, situations and characters in a powerful and inspiring way.