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Review:  « Trained as a painter, Emmanuel Monzon is mindful of the grey texture of his photographs. His empty landscapes reflect his attachment to forms and colours, giving them space to be heard. To me, the series exhibited at Charbon art Space echoes both the human loneliness and the power of things against a lost American backdrop.
This shadow looks like a calm rain of grey while one can hear the rustling leaves of the tree… »Caroline Ha Thuc

Specialized in Asian contemporary art, she contributes to different magazines such as ArtPress in France and Pipeline/Am Post in Hong Kong.

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Maurice Benayoun (MoBen, 莫奔). (thank you for your support! and dedicace! 🙂 )

“Artist, theorist and curator,  is a pioneering figure in the field of New Media Art. Prof. Benayoun’s work freely explores the boundaries of media, encompassing video and virtual reality, interactive, mobile, urban media and large-scale public art installation. Prof. Benayoun’s work has been exhibited and awarded (Golden Nica Ars Electronica 1998…) in many major international museums including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the museums of contemporary art in Lyon, Montreal, Seoul and Helsinki, Eyebeam and Museum of the Moving Image in New York, the Machida Museum, the ICC Tokyo, including the permanent exhibition inside the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, and Curator of the Open Sky Gallery on the ICC Tower media façade, HK.”
MoBen’s work has won more than 20 international awards, including the Villa Medicis Hors les Murs, more than four Ars Electronica awards (including the coveted Golden Nica), Siggraph, Imagina, SACD and 4 International Monitor Awards. In 2014, MoBen was nominated for the Prix Ars Electronica Visionary Pioneer of Media Art award.

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“The beautiful Shiobane graces the Charbon Arts Space in Aberdeen with her beautiful moves. « video: @hkeldcom

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alexandre colliex: Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, Centre Pompidou.




Monzon explains  ‘This aesthetic of the void in my photographic work attempts to understand our current environment : can it be one of de-civilization?

Monzon shows milky silent suburbs where the asphalt blends with the rocks or the rocks blends with the asphalt. With the magic of Monzon’s eye to take the right angle, and his talent to choose the right time in the day to shoot, those urban sprawlings have become part of Mother Nature.

Is it possible to consider that an artist would unveil how would be our future? because those powerful pictures give the feeling that Monzon shows our World like it will be in a Century, or Two. For sure a do not miss exhibition

Beatrice Chassepot



French visual artist Emmanuel Monzon explores urban sprawl in his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Called “Enter the Void”, the show, at Charbon art space from February 25 until March 25, focuses on the US city of Seattle where Monzon is based.

The images, both bleak and beautiful, depict a perfect balance of photographic composition paired with muted tones.

“This aesthetic of the emptiness in my photographic work attempts to understand our current environment – can it be one of de-civilisation,” asks Monzon, a graduate of the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Monzon focuses primarily on the idea of urban sprawling and urban expansion.

Kylie Knott



Good photos are worthy of recognition, and for good reason. Seattle-based photographer Emmanuel Monzon takes us through his perspective of his hometown’s urban sprawl, through fifteen stunning photographs.

Masterfully composed and matched with near monochromatic tones, Monzon’s photos piece together a phenomenon that we see but do not observe. The rapid urban development in one of North America’s busiest cities is a sight to behold, and more so under Monzon’s expert curation. The artworks from Monzon’s upcoming ‘Enter the Void’ exhibition follow a stylistic rule that gives the end result an appreciable personal touch. Wiped clean from the canvas are living things and bright colors, as one would expect from a fast growing urban city. Instead Monzon’s photos keep a keen focus on geometric composition, granting more attention to the emptiness of removed grasslands than it does to the vibrancy of concrete landscapes. Deliberately composed, cropped, and framed, Monzon’s unique presentation turns the urban landscape that we see, cross, and live in, into a romantic painting worthy of awe and appreciation.

Monzon’s exhibition ‘Enter the Void’ will open on February 25, 2017 at CHARBON, Wong Chuk Hang. The event overlaps with Hong Kong’s much anticipated Art Basel– an annual art fair that brings together international art collectors, journalists, and art enthusiasts from all walks of life. Visit CHARBON art space from tomorrow onwards to see remarkable transformations of cities through the lens of one talented Emmanuel Monzon!

Written by Vivien Au


Emmanuel Monzonv到達西雅圖以後,面對城市與自然接合的景象,感到十分有趣,決定以攝影去探索「城市蔓延(Urban Sprawl)」的狀況。城市蔓延(或都市蔓延)是指都市大幅度向外擴展,侵佔鄉郊地區。正如香港,美國的大城市因為經濟發展迅速,不斷向外圍小鎮和自然地區擴展,延展至人口密度較低的鄉村。然而,城市人一向依賴汽車往來住處與工作地點,從而帶來交通擠塞、自然景觀受破壞等後果。 ………………….



Charbon presents “Enter The Void”, a solo exhibition by the photographer and visual artist Emmanuel Monzon. In his work, the artist focuses on the irregularity of the urban space and its expansion in the periphery: through his pictures, Monzon wants to capture the banality and submit it to his rules, under a precise geometrical organization revealing a specific physical and mental landscape.

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